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My Road To Sobriety
Ben Pettit

My name is Ben Pettit and I am 46 years old and a father of a beautiful young daughter of 12 years old named Mary and a graduate of Turning Point in 2002.

I've had a lot of ups and downs since then, as all believers do. In May of 2012, I was living in San Diego before I gained custody, serving the Lord faithfully feeding the homeless downtown every Sunday afternoon.

As a blessing for chasing after God's own heart, the Lord awarded me custody of my daughter Mary but now living in Holtville without a job, yet still trying to serve the Lord.

I was grateful to help out at Turning Point by speaking to the men at the Men's home or on Saturday night meeting.  Then when Pastor Norman asked me to help with the youth, I was given that job in February of 2013. I felt the blessing of my Lord upon my life.

After six months I had gotten a promotion to office manager, but little by little I started to drift away from my Lord. Then I was introduced to a lady, and I found myself shacked up with her, living like a family out of wedlock.

Now I had nothing to do with church and ignoring my Pastors phone calls.

Pounding my chest and saying to myself, "Look what I did! I made it."

There it was again, and another relationship went sour.

Mary and I moved into a three-bedroom condo. Still feeling empty, I started to look in the muck and the mire for LOVE. This is where I fell in love again or so I thought. I moved her and her 2 kids in. Then all chaos broke loose.

I lost my job, the condo, and ended up living at my mothers' place in a little trailer parked on her property.


His Mercy Never Left,
Even In Spite Of My Choices

Even when I was still trying to justify everything, the Lord sent my neighbor over, and he and asked if I needed help. I denied God's help and told him no. I thank my Lord for Ray Johnson's obedience to be persistent because, as I was standing outside, he asked me again. I said sure why not, and Ray said he would be by the next day with a friend.

Later that day, his daughter Robin Cartee came by and told me if I needed help watching my daughter while I went and got help, she was willing to watch my daughter.

The next day came, and Ray showed up, and Ralph Garcia from New Creations spoke life into me and gave me a card. I pondered on everything that has happened within the last few years and opened my eyes to how God is making it so easy for me to get re-established in his presence.

The following day on February 13th, 2019, I called Turning Point Men's Home, and  I talked to Ken, asking him to come and get me. Luis Barajas and Ken Vest were at my mother's house within 10 minutes and told my girlfriend to go home to her moms' house.

I left with nothing in my hand. I didn't even tell my daughter or my mother.

Three days went by before I spoke to Mary, asking her to go to Ray and Molly's Johnsons to call Robin.

I thank the Lord for Robin and Colby Cartee for taking in Mary until I graduate and for touching Ray's heart in a way that expressed God's love to his me, his neighbor.

Start a new path in life and be the change today!

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