His Purposes Are
Higher Than Mine!

Richard mahler
Hello, brothers and sisters my name is Richard Mahler. I was brought up in a church going family. I gradually started to used drugs to cope with the pain I was feeling.

My heart grew calloused, and I became very selfish. It did not take long to realize the route I was taking was a lot like my fathers. My mother never really told me anything about how I was living other than, “It’s your life do what you want with it.”  I immediately thought she did not care but it was her way of saying “regardless of what I say you are going to do what you choose to do”.

The beginning of high school my mom had already remarried, and we left the Valley and moved to Hemet, California. My sophomore year I had a daughter, so I dropped out of school to provide for my family.  Shortly after I became an alcoholic and I lost my everything.

This went on for years and one day I surrendered to God and that is when everything became so much better.  God was my REFUGE and the HOLY SPIRT made me feel loved. I wanted to tell and share this feeling with everyone so I started doing God’s will and witnessing to others.

Proverbs 19.21
I ended up backsliding and turned away from God, but conviction always stayed with me. I sobered up and tried to do it right without God and applied as a correctional officer. Once I started working, I knew that my life would get better.

My mentality was all I need is money, but that just gave me more problems more money to drink, smoke, and party.

That job took its toll on me, and I stopped showing up. I totaled my car being under the influence and I ended up renting a car and never returning it. I eventually got arrested for not returning the rental car and that led me to Turning Point. I did three months then left and went back to my addiction. It only took four months for me to come back, and I stuck with it this time.

I just completed my year and I committed to doing the 4-month internship. I just needed to remain in the Vine, I am thankful I serve a God of second chances. I feel like the prodigal son who has ran back to the father. I alone cannot prosper but with God all things are possible.

I would like to thank Turning Point Staff Members and the brothers that are also encouraging. And I would also like to thank all of you, without your support this men’s home would not be available to men like me.


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