God Had Much Bigger Plans
In Store For My Life!

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Hello, my name is Nicanor Verdugo Jr., and first I want to thank God for my salvation.  Giving Him the Glory for what he has done in my life.

I was raised in a dysfunctional home my parents would argue everyday they hardly ever got along, my sisters and my brother would get into fights and they all had a drug problem.

I was put into a foster home at a young age, but it still did not stop me from behaving badly and I would get into fights with my foster family as well. Two years later my parents were able to get me and my sister back.

After some time, I started experimenting with drugs. Because of my drug abuse, my parents sent me to my aunt and she tried to tried to lead me to Christ.  At that point in my life, I was to far gone and rejected it and she realized I didn’t want her help so she sent me back home to my mom and dad.

In 2012, my mom was deported to Mexico which should have been a wake-up call and a sign from God, but I continued ignoring Him.  My addiction got more intense, I started using everything except heroin.

Romans 8 28
As a teenager I did not realize God was trying to get my attention and I got sent to placement, completed the program and then came back to my dad.

Being still lost in my addiction, I continued breaking the law and eventually sent to County Jail.  They didn’t want to give me the option of something good they wanted to send me straight to Prison, but I heard of this Men’s Home called Turning Point in Holtville.  I asked my Public Defender about it and said he would ask the Judge.

Thank God the judge agreed to send me here, because God knew what was in store for me.   I came to the home not thinking I was going to have an encounter with God.

I am so blessed to now have relationship with God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Jesus Christ.  This has been not only a dramatic change in my life but also a change in my heart.  I would like to thank God for Turning Point Men’s Home.

The staff has been a blessing in my life, Luis Barajas, Ken Vest and Pastor Norman thank you for this life that was changed.


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