February 2024 Newsletter

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My name is Joey Medrano and my faith centers around a God of restoration, and I express daily gratitude for the journey He led me through.

Growing up in San Bernardino and later moving to the Imperial Valley before starting High School, my first year of High School involved choices like drinking alcohol and engaging in other poor decisions.

As my senior year concluded, my high school sweetheart went off to college, triggering a deep, dark depression. During this time, my alcohol use escalated to the point of using Methamphetamine.

My life took a darker turn as my drug use increased, resulting in arrests and time in County Jail. Progressing from months in County Jail to years in State Prison, I returned to the Imperial Valley after my last prison term, continuing my drug use and almost violating probation.

Instead of returning to prison, I found refuge in the Men's Home.
Isaiah 617

The journey has not been easy, but I believe in the power of restoration through my singular God. Despite facing tragic life events and battling mental illness, I am confident that there is a greater plan for my life.

Approaching the completion of my one-year commitment at the Home and a four-month internship, I have strengthened my foundation with Christ and rebuilt relationships with family members.

Today, I am clean, sober, and happier than ever before.  My God is indeed a God of restoration!

God Bless
Joey Medrano

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