I Know Jesus Has A Plan
For My Life

Hi, my name is Carlos Flores I am 23 years old, I was raised in Calexico.

I grew up in a household that consisted of Mom, Dad, older brother, and myself. My parents divorced when I was a little boy. When I was 10 or 11 years old my parents reconciled, my parents worked all the time.

My dad would work at different cities traveling a lot and that left us unsupervised at home. My brother would be out partying a lot, So I would be alone at my house a lot.

I started using drugs when I was in Junior High School. I started with marijuana (weed), using pills, and acid. By the time I was in High School I was addicted to meth. I would go to school high and after awhile I decided to drop out and not even bother to go to school any more.

When I was eighteen, I went into rehab. I was already having a lot of problems with my parents, and they had kicked me out of my house numerous times.
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When I turned twenty-one my son was born and then a year after that I got hooked on fentanyl. That is when it all really went downhill.

I was at my lowest, my son would spend most of the time with my parents, I had three car accidents because I was driving under the influence of drugs. I wrecked my car and two of my dad’s. I was having unpleasant symptoms of withdrawals and I would be fiending for my next high.

I got to a point where my dad got tired of me, and he kicked me out and told me that he wanted nothing to do with me. I was so lost at this point.

But that still did not stop me from continuing using drugs. I then went to rehab in Mexicali once again trying to get it right for my son, my girl, my family and for myself. I did three months in rehab. Three weeks later I was back using drugs. I overdosed while driving with my son in the car. T

he paramedics were able to revive me. Child Protective Services gave my parents’ custody of my son while I went to jail. I was facing two years in prison; They offered me the opportunity to come Turning Point instead of going to prison.
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I have been here for eight months. I have gotten the opportunity to know more about the Lord, I have begun to read his word more, and I have found out just how good the Lord can be. He has been restoring my relationship with parents, and now my dad comes to see me at church.

Before he did not want me near him, and now he tells me how proud of me that he is. I am blessed to see my son visit me and then see and hear the joy in him makes me feel so good.

God is so good, he not only gave me another chance that day I had the accident, but he also allowed my parents to get custody of my son and not have him taken away by C.P.S. God gave me a second chance because he has better plans for me.

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