I Started Doing Meth
At 14 Years Old...

Hello, my name is Kevin Olsen, at 14 years of age my meth addiction began.

Slowly but surely, I lost interest in everything that I loved. By the age of sixteen, I caught my first probation case for stealing. I stayed on probation for drug charges, arson, and even domestic violence.

Then five years ago I ended up coming to Turning Point for 13 months. God restored my sobriety, sanity, and family. Of course, I made a common mistake. I back slid and did not stay connected to the vine.

I moved back to Los Angeles tried working and living in the fast pace of the city. I was all alone realizing the struggle is real.

My family did not want me, and my sobriety was a mess, most important I did not have Jesus as the center of my life.
Matt 6 33

Six months ago, by the grace of God Pastor Norman Chandler responded to my message. I asked, “if he had any room at the home.” Pastor Norm said, “Yes we do especially for you.”

I did not even pack a bag. They bought me a Greyhound bus ticket and Luis picked me up in El Centro. God has once again used Turning Point to get me back on track. My father Chuck Olsen died one month ago of stage four bone cancer, and I was clean, sober, and serving the Lord. I had no contact with him for almost four years.

The Lord allowed me to say I love you, go Rams his favorite football team, who won the super bowl this year, and I got to sing to him over the phone Amazing Grace.

He went home to my mom Rita Olsen in heaven they were married 50 years. They are proud of me.

I have six months clean and sober, serving the Lord, and my sister is starting to let me interact with my nephew Lukas.

He is seven and looks just like my dad and I, he is already learning about the Lord Jesus. I love God and I love Turning Point. This place is special, and extremely near and dear to my heart and soul.

I humbly thank God and all of you who continue to support this ministry Turning Point Men’s Home.


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